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The DEC Group provides clients with assessments and training that promotes employee performance and overall business profitability. We blend a people-focused system in the organization and management of your business to help you professionally deliver superior goods and services that yield high profits and returns.

The DEC Group enhances business growth through on site and remote training such as webinars, distance learning and home based materials. By incorporating quality principles and systems such as effective communication, time management, conflict negotiations and leadership development into your business operation, you can increase your sales, efficiency and profits as well as maintain a harmonious work environment.

Many small business owners cannot afford the cost of a full time human resource or staff training department. Utilizing our employment assessment and staff trainers can cut your overhead costs and give you targeted training and service designed for your needs. Whether you need Fortune 500 corporate training or you are a one man operation, we are here for you.





The DEC Group - Diversified Educational Solutions