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Individuals, businesses and institutions may receive counseling and therapy services for depression, anxiety, anger, stress, panic attacks, marriage and family issues, substance abuse and couples counseling from one of our highly trained and state certified counselors and therapists. We offer treatment services for a diverse population including adults, youth, ex-offenders and individuals with high risk behaviors. The counseling staff at the DEC Group provides a healing environment for victims of abuse, domestic violence and trauma and offers guidance and support to address any ongoing conflict.

Using evidence based techniques such as, Cognitive Behavioral and EFT, our confidential and professional services are conducted in groups, families or one on one. The DEC group facilitates and networks with support groups throughout California and offers a comprehensive menu of links and ancillary activities. Through collaboration between the therapist and the patient, goals and a treatment plan are outlined with the ultimate objective leading to wellness and healthily living.

Whether you need guidance to help through a divorce, job loss or other challenges in your life or you want to maintain your current healthy living, the DEC Group offers the skilled services that you deserve.

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