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DEC Group consultants are familiar with school and education laws and policies that affect schools, children and parents. We can inform parents of their rights and suggest appropriate services and programs to meet the student's individual needs as well as offer advice to parents and educational institutions to ensure compliance, accountability and enforcement of school services.

We are experienced with a wide range of standardized tests and assessments and can administer, evaluate and translate their meaning to parents, teachers and administrators so they can incorporate them into successful strategies for your educational needs.

Consultants can also serve as an advocate for students with special needs as well as provide advice on curriculum, instruction and school programming. Our educational advocacy services include academic tutoring, career and vocational counseling, college preparatory counseling as well as staff development, for teachers, administrators and support staff.  DEC Group educational advocates have more than 35 years of experience in administrative services, special education and instruction and hold California Department of Education credentials. Most importantly, the DEC Group staff firmly believes that students come first.





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